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Most Common Kidney Transplant FAQs

By: Abhi


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What is a Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant is a process that involves replacing an ill or upset kidney with a healthy donor kidney.

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What is a Preventative or Early Transplant?

A preemptive transplant is when you get a removal of damaged kidney before you need to begin dialysis.

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Who is Qualified for A Kidney Transplant?

You must be in superior health to experience the process. You must also be cancer-free and free of infection.

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What is the Evaluation Procedure?

To understand more about your overall health, medical specialists will conduct a thorough physical examination

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What if the Body Rejects the New Kidney?

Acute rejection means your body and it is abruptly trying to reject the transplanted kidney.

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When can the Patient Go Back to Normal Work?

The length of time it takes you to return to work is defined by your recovery, the type of work you do.

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Do Kidney Transplant Impact Sex Life?

People with renal illness who haven’t had good sexual encounters may experience an improvement when they begin to feel better.

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How long does a Kidney Transplant Last?

Kidney transplants are quite successful, with a success rate of over 95%. Transplants from living donors last on average 15-20 years,

Kidney transplants can also help to minimize it. Kidney relocation may be an alternative for some persons with failing kidneys.

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